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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The A to Z Blogging Challenge has been an interesting exercise in writing. It has certainly been a challenge to write something for each letter of the alphabet. Today's letter is "Y." My subject is the word "YAHOO!"

Most people recognize Yahoo as an internet search engine. Yahoo is also a descriptive of a person who says or does something that is considered to be really stupid. Three examples follow of what I mean. Two involve racism which at it's core is stupid, not to mention morally wrong. The third involves something that's just wrong.

Have you been watching the news or reading the papers? Cliven Bundy is a cattle rancher in Nevada who is involved in a dispute with the U.S. Government over grazing rights on public land and the payment of grazing fee's for cattle grazing on federally owned land.
Well, Mr. Bundy had tons of support in his dispute against the government. People went to Nevada and stood with him against armed federal rangers. However, Mr. Bundy was interviewed by the media and during the course of this interview showed himself to be a real "Yahoo!" He said... "Negroes were better off under slavery."
Anyone who has a nodding acquaintance with the history of slavery in America knows how stupid a statement this is. Mr. Bundy is a bona fide YAHOO!

My next example of Yahoo-ness is Donald Sterling, the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers professional basketball team. Mr. Sterling was recorded on tape orally chastising his girlfriend for publishing pictures of her with black men on Instagram. He told her during his diatribe that he did not want her to bring these black men to "his" games. Mr. Sterling has shown himself to be a bona fide YAHOO!

Another Yahoo in the pantheon of Yahoo's is former New York City Mayor, Michael Blumberg. While he was mayor, Mr. Blumberg wanted to ass an ordinance that restricted the size of soft drinks that were sold to the public. He wanted to outlaw the 7-Eleven "Big Gulp" soda's. A New York Court ruled that such an ordinance as passed by Mr. Blumberg was unconstitutional.
This crack down on soft drinks is just one of a host of stupid ideas put forth by Mr. Blumberg but this is supposed to be a relatively brief blog installment. That said, Mr. Blumberg is a bona fide YAHOO!

Do you agree? Who would you add to the list? Enjoy your day!  

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