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Wednesday, April 2, 2014


     Today's word is "Belief" and is defined as "any cognitive content held as true." We all have beliefs. How do we come by our beliefs?

     In yesterday's blog I made the assertion that we recognize someone's authority because we choose to recognize their authority. In like manner we have our beliefs because we choose to believe what we believe.

Some people fervently believe that God exists. Other people just as fervently believe that God does not exist. Can both propositions be true?

Some people strongly believe that truth is absolute. Other people argue that there is no such thing as absolute truth, that all truth is relative. Are both of these propositions true? Speaking logically, CAN both propositions be true?

Some people believe that Candidate "A" is the best candidate. Other people believe that Candidate "B" is the best candidate. How do they come to their respective beliefs?

People choose what they believe based upon facts, experiences, authorities, biases and sometimes peer pressure. Many beliefs are based upon subjective criteria. Other beliefs are based upon objective criteria?

What forms your beliefs? Do you ever change your beliefs? If so, what would motivate you change your beliefs?

Have a great "B" day!

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  1. I have changed my beliefs when I have more facts. When my gut feeling says something is wrong, I look for more infomation. I usually find what I'm looking for.