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Thursday, April 17, 2014


My A to Z “O” word is OMNISCIENT. The definition is “the capacity to know all that is knowable.” This word is generally found in two contexts. One is in Writing the other is in Theology.

In writing, an author is omniscient in that they know all that is knowable about one of their characters. They know their background, their training, their idiosyncrasies, their heritage, and so forth.
  It occurs to me to ask a seemingly silly question, who else would know about a character that was created better than the person who created that character? The word that comes to mind is “DUH!”

In theology the word omniscient is applied only to God. It is believed that the only person who is capable of knowing all that is knowable is God.
Biblical prophecy provides a compelling circumstantial case that God is omniscient. Hebrew prophets predicted with great specificity events that would not occur for hundreds of years.
The prophet Daniel predicted the great empires of the ancient world that would arise in the order that they would arise well in advance of their coming into being. He predicted that the Babylonians would be followed by the Persians who would be followed by the Greeks who would be followed by the Romans. Recorded history tells us that that is what happened.
Also compelling is that there are about 300 prophecies from the Old Testament that were fulfilled in the life Jesus of Nazareth. The odds of probability that this would happen are too enormous to calculate.

By way of full disclosure I must tell you that I am a Bible believing Christian. So what do you think?   

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  1. Great, and very interesting post. I knew about the writing omni, and it was nice to get a refresher on the theology omni. Thank you for the detailed article here. And great choice for letter O.
    Silvia @