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Saturday, April 5, 2014


     Is education as valued today than it was in years past?  Are people as anxious to become educated today as they were in years past? Do we as a people have a thirst for knowledge as the people who came before us?

Our nation was founded by men of great intellect and learning. They believed that one of the best ways to insure liberty was an educated population. Our founding fathers encouraged the formation of public schools. Ironically, these men advocated the use of the Bible for the purposes of educating the nation’s people. I say ironically because if a teacher were to display a Bible on their desk in the classroom today, they would be in danger of losing their job.

Also, throughout history, oppressed people were intentionally kept ignorant by their oppressors. It was illegal to teach people to read or write or to do math. People were severely punished for illegally teaching people to read, write or do math. People were also severely punished for trying to learn how to read, write or do math. Oppressors know that an educated population is difficult, if not impossible, to keep oppressed.

Look at the state of education in America today. Judging by the high school drop-out rates, Education is held in contempt by many young people. Unfortunately these young people bear the brunt of their short sightedness. Their refusal to become educated results in their being unqualified to perform jobs that require high school level proficiency in reading, writing and math. It does not bode well for them or America. The best safeguard of liberty is an educated people!


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  2. Agreed and the desire to educate starts at home. Parents must stress education. My step daughter just moved back to the states after 25 years over in Cyprus. On her 2nd teachers conference for her son only 3 parents showed up meet with the teacher. We're talking 4th grade here! Just horrible parent involvement..

    1. I agree that parents play a large roll in instilling the importance on formal education. However, if the parents dropped out of school it is fairly unlikely that their offspring will complete high school much less college.
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  3. Sometimes it seems like education is now viewed simply as a means to an end (the hope of finding a job)...that takes a lot of the inspiration out of it.