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Friday, February 4, 2011


    The past two weeks have been tough for police officers. At one point, within a twenty four hour period, eleven police officers were shot. It reminds us of how dangerous this profession can be. It serves as a stark reminder that there are people in this world who are willing to take a life "just because." 
     In one incident a man enters a Detroit Police Precinct and opens fire on the officers who were on duty there. Several officers were wounded, the assailant was killed. In Oregon an officer stops a vehicle for an expired inspection sticker. Upon approaching the vehicle, the vehicle driver shoots and kills the officer. An extensive manhunt ensues. As of this writing, the suspect is still at large. In the State of Washington a corrections officer was attacked and strangled by an inmate in the facility's Chapel. In Florida two police officers were killed in a shootout with a suspect who was wanted on a murder warrant. Also in Florida, an off duty corrections officer was shot in killed. 
     Police officers are not perfect. God knows that we have our faults and are subject to the same frailties as the rest of society. The difference seems to be that police officers pay a dearer price and are held to a higher standard than the rest of society. Police officers are at risk on duty and off duty. As opposed to other dangerous professions, when police officers die in the line of duty it is often because of a deliberate assault perpetrated by another human being against the officer. 
     So, I respectfully request that when you see an officer in the performance of their assigned tasks, give him a break...even if he is not performing as you believe he should. There just might be a valid reason, born from years of training and experience that you are not aware of, why they are taking a particular course of action. 
     Please pray for all first responders, Police, Fire and EMS.