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Monday, February 6, 2012


     Well Super Bowl XLVI in in the record books. As a life long Patriots fan I am disappointed with the outcome of the game. However, I am not despondent or particularly sad. Here's why...
     The New England Patriots had a terrific season. They won thirteen games and lost three. At the beginning of the season the prognosticators, the so called experts, did not rate them to do that well. So, they exceeded expectations. 
     They were not supposed to beat the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game...but they did. Granted they won ugly...but they won!
     The Patriots defense was rated to be 31st among 32 teams. The Patriots secondary was barely functional much less effective all season. Yet, the Patriots won thirteen and lost three games.
      This Super Bowl game was a heck of a game. We had two teams slugging it out, punching and counter punching for sixty minutes, where any one play could have altered the final outcome of the was very entertaining. IT WAS A GREAT GAME!
     Another thing I like about the Super Bowl, any Super Bowl, is that it is the first death knell of Winter. Living in New Hampshire, we love the Winter, especially its ending. The Super Bowl is the first step leading to the end of the cold of Winter and the arrival of the warmth of Spring.
     Also, everywhere around the country people were gathering, eating and drinking together, talking and enjoying each others company. It didn't matter where their team loyalties were, everybody had a wonderful time in each others company.
     Finally, my beloved wife SWMBO went above and beyond the call of duty and created a veritable smorgasbord of snack foods that was fit for a king. She served chips & salsa, baked cheese sticks & marinara sauce, chicken wrapped in bacon, buffalo chicken tenders with ranch dressing, meatballs and Pizza. One of the best parts of any Super Bowl game is the food. 
     So, as disappointing as the outcome of the game was for me and my fellow Patriots fans, yesterday was still a good day! The Patriots had a terrific season, Winter is on the way out, people gathered together and enjoyed being in each others company, good food was abundant everywhere and we got to see a heck of a game! Like I said, it was still a good day!