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Thursday, November 11, 2010


     Today is Veteran's Day! We owe a debt to our nation's military service veterans that we can never repay. Our history is replete with accounts of normal, average, non-descript citizens who have stepped up in times of national need and performed extraordinary selfless acts of heroism and service above and beyond the strict call of duty. Many have willingly paid the ultimate price as a measure of their devotion to their fellow citizens. Gentlemen and ladies...I salute you, today. Gentlemen and Ladies...I sincerely thank you, today.
      A few blog entries ago I asked "Where Do We Find These People?" I recounted an encounter I had with a single mother U.S. Army Reservist who had received orders to deploy with her unit to Afghanistan next year. She was willingly making such a tremendous sacrifice because she loves her Country. Let me tell you about a few other people who I greatly admire.
     During World War II there were two commanders in the Pacific Theater. One was General Douglas MacArthur. General MacArthur was the greatest American general ever. He had a natural ability to manage overall strategy that is unparalleled. His military campaigns resulted in fewer American casualties than any other commander. 
     However, the person who I admire and want to tell you about is one of General MacArthur's contemporaries...Admiral Chester Nimitz, Commander in Chief Pacific Area Command (CINCPAC). He was not as gifted as General MacArthur but through hard work and devotion became Larry Bird to General MacArthur's Magic Johnson, if you'll excuse the archaic basketball reference. Admiral Nimitz came from humble means. He rose through the ranks and assumed command of the Pacific forces after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. You may recall the condition of those forces after the sneak attack on that day of infamy. Admiral Nimitz displayed a humble confidence and is in large part responsible for the success of the Pacific Campaign that lead to the defeat of Japan.
     Another man who I greatly admire is not as well known but like Admiral Nimitz came from humble beginnings. He answered his nation's call and served in the army during World War II. He participated in the campaigns in North Africa and in Europe following D-Day. He was a Medic. He used to entertain his children with stories of his experiences during the war. He spared them on the more graphic details, but he did have many interesting experiences. His devotion to his country was passed on to his children who also volunteered and served honorably in the armed services during the Vietnam War Era.  This man never rose above being a middle class, blue collar worker but he earned the respect of all who were fortunate to know him. I was privileged to call him "Dad!"
      Last, but by no means least, a third person who I admire greatly also rose from humble beginnings. This person never served on active duty in the military but was married to a serviceman who did. She created and maintained a home. It did not matter how financially strapped they were or where they were living, this person always managed to provide a comfortable, safe refuge from the stresses of the world outside. This person was a constant source of love, support and encouragement. This person often had to maintain the home by herself because her serviceman was away due to his military commitments. This person continued to make sacrifices above and beyond the call of duty over the years after military service during her husband's law enforcement career and continues to do so to this day.  I am blessed to call her SWMBO. She is my devoted wife of 38 years, Lynn Marie, who made all these sacrifices without complaint. 
      When you remember your special veteran, also remember the family members who supported them and served with them as well. Where do we find these people?
      I am so proud to be an American!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


     We live in a world full of controversy. The War on Terrorism, Abortion, Homosexuality & Marriage, Gun Control, Taxation, Government Policy, are just a few of the topics that give rise to very strong opinions on either side of the particular issue. Some of the people on both sides of a controversial issue have such strong opinions that it often gives rise to anger, hatred and in some cases even leads to violence against property and persons. I am certain that you have seen such instances in your own lives.
     As you know I am a practicing christian. I say "practicing" because I have yet to get it exactly right. I mean, I still am not perfect...not even close. Just ask anyone who knows me well. As you also know I am not afraid to express my opinions on a variety of subjects. I have sometimes offended people by what I have said, written or done. Sometimes it bothers me when I cause such offense because the offense is unintentional, other times not so much!
     As christians we have been given a "commission" by the Lord Jesus Christ. "Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you;" (Matthew 28:19,29) That is our only "commission" from God. No where are christians commanded to, given the authority to, or permission to engage in violence in carrying out our commission.
     Should christians express their opinions on controversial subjects? Should christians be involved in the political process? Should christians participate in efforts advocating one side or the other of a controversial issue?
      In my humble view, the answer is "Yes!" As citizens of this great nation it is the duty of all eligible citizens, including christians, to become educated about the candidates and the relevant issues of the day and vote.  All citizens, including christians, should read and understand the U.S. Constitution so that they understand how our republic is organized and what powers , and the limitations thereto, are vested in each of the three branches of our government.
     Also, in my humble view, it is the duty of christians, in fulfilling the aforementioned commission, to speak out on controversial issues. 
     Let me hasten to add that when a christian does chose to speak out on any issue they should do so lovingly, respectfully, calmly, intelligently, without anger or rancor and without fear. They should also speak out with the purpose of gently persuading people AND pointing them towards God in a manner consistent with out God-given commission.
     The Bible tells us that God is love and desires to have a relationship with all human beings. The Bible also makes it clear that each one of us gets to freely make the choice of whether or not we want a relationship with God and that God will respect that choice. Christians should respect that choice as well, even though some christians clearly do not.
     Anyone desiring to know more about how to have that relationship, there is a host of christians, including yours truly, who would be delighted to speak with you. Should you be an autodidact, find a copy of the Bible and begin reading the Books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John and the Acts of the Apostles to start. After you have done so and you want to speak with someone about what you have read or if you have any questions, there is a host of christians, including yours truly, who would be delighted to speak with you. 
     In conclusion, Christians enjoy the same civil rights as non-christians and ought to participate fully in the blessings of liberty, the duties and responsibilities of citizenship, and speaking out on the issues of the day just as freely as non-christians. The difference should be as to how they do so.

     Thanks for reading this post. God bless you all and God bless America!

Monday, November 8, 2010


     This silly season that is the mid-term elections has come to an end. The people have voted and it appears that the American people have repudiated the liberal policies of the Obama Administration. Moderate democratic congressmen have been voted out of office. Pundits say that this is because of their support of the President's agenda against the stated wishes of their constituents. Ironically, several of the most ardent left leaning Congressmen have been re-elected by their constituents. I don't understand this phenomenon.
     So now what? The Senate will remain under Democratic control. The House of Representatives will be under Republican control. Several governorships and state legislatures will come under Republican control. What part did the Tea Party play in these elections? What does this bode for the future of these United States?
     One of the views put forward by the Tea Party is that our elected representatives who take an oath to support the constitution would actually know what the constitution says and what it means. There have been sitting members who have blatantly disregarded in the name of party loyalty or expediency what the constitution clearly says. Passing laws in the dead of night must also cease immediately. This is so wrong in a nation of laws. Our founding fathers would use much stronger language to condemn such things.
     I hope that henceforth any legislation, at whatever level of government, will be thoroughly read and understood before it is passed. I urge all lawmakers to ensure that any contemplated legislation complies with the relevant constitution, either the  U.S. Constitution or the applicable State Constitution before passage. I urge that all legislation be made public before it is passed to enable voters time to read it, digest it and to contact their elected representatives to express their support or opposition thereto. Finally, I would insist that legislative bodies could not exempt themselves from having to comply with any laws that they pass.
     What does the recent mid-term elections bode for our future? The Chinese have a curse..."May you live in interesting times!" I believe that this so called curse is about to be played out in our beloved nation. May our gracious God continue to bless and protect our nation.
     What do you think? How do you see it playing out?

Monday, November 1, 2010


     Well, we are down to the wire, we the people get to exercise our franchise in less than 24 hours when we go into the voting booth and participate in the only poll that really counts. Maybe now we can get some peace from the incessant telephone polling. I have never been a big fan of polls. Polling results are affected by so many things such as, what is asked, how is it asked, who is asked, how many people are asked, and so forth. 
     Anyone who has been listening, probably feels the need to take a long shower to wash off to nasty mud that has been slung in copious amounts during this election cycle. I long for a time when candidates argue issues intelligently and reject ad hominem attacks. Dare to dream!
     A lot of people have spent tons of money telling you how you should vote. Let me suggest how you should vote. I don't care if you vote republican, democrat, independent, fringe party or whatever. I strongly urge you to vote for: (1) The person who will TRULY support, defend and uphold the U.S. Constitution; (2) The person who will vote against ANY piece of legislation that reduces, diminishes, weakens, or violates any of our God-given rights or liberties. (3) The person who has demonstrated their ability to perform the job by virtue of their past training, experience and accomplishments; The person who will truly represent the interests of their constituents.
     All wisdom does not reside in any one party or candidate, therefore, our elected representatives must of necessity work together to do what is best for our Nation regardless who gets the credit. 

     Read up on what your current representatives have done while in office. If they have done a good job, vote for them. If that have not done a good job or otherwise have violated the public trust, vote them out.

     In any event, please go to the polls tomorrow and vote. It is our duty as citizens to keep ourselves informed and to exercise our vote. GOD BLESS AMERICA! ! !