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Monday, April 7, 2014


     Today is "F" Day at the A to Z blog. I had difficulty coming up with a word for "F" Day. You might say I pondered long and hard about an "F" word, not THE "F" word but any "F" word worth writing about.

My "F" word is "Funny." I love humor in all it's forms. There are certain stories and jokes that always makes me laugh no matter how many times I hear them. Here are a couple examples.

Two men are talking about death, specifically about how they would like to die. One says"I'd like to die like my grandmother did, peacefully and quietly in her sleep....not yelling and screaming like the other people in her car."

A man was stopped by a State Trooper for speeding. The Trooper walks up to the driver's window and explains to the driver why he stopped him. The Trooper goes on to explain that it is near the end of his shift and if the driver could give him an excuse for speeding that he has never heard before he would let him go with only a warning.
The man tells the Trooper "My wife ran off with a State Trooper two weeks ago and I thought that you were that Trooper trying to return her to me."
The Trooper says "Have a nice day!" and lets him go.

I hope these two short funny stories amused you and brought a little humor to your day!


  1. Thank you for the chuckle. It's good to laugh every day. As someone who is also interested in Spiritual Life, Personal Life and Retired Life, I am a new follower, via the A-Z. Cathy at

    1. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment.