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Thursday, April 24, 2014


Today's A to Z Blog Challenge letter is the letter "U." I thought about a number of words to write about such as "Unity" or "Utilitarianism" or "Unforgivable." I selected a word that I often identify with, and that word is "Unusual."

Many of your reading this know that I spent thirty years as a police officer. I have describe being a police officer as having a front row seat to the best show in town. I have seen so many unusual things during my career that now most things that strike others as unusual, I find to be fairly normal.

Sometimes while sitting around the campfire the subject of do you believe in ghosts or UFO's. This always starts an animated conversation.
For the record, I don't believe in either ghosts or extra-terrestrial life. 
These two subjects often elicit passionate, heated discussion and debate on the pro's and cons of each position.

Some people are absolutely convinced that they have either seen ghosts or attribute some inexplicable incident that they witnessed to the activity of ghosts. 
There are some things that happen that cannot be explained, however, I don't believe that these events are the result of the activity of spectral entities.

I believe in UFO's but I don't believe in extra-terrestrial life. If this seems inconsistent let me explain. I have seen things move across the sky that I could not either identify or explain. I just don't know what they were. They are unidentified flying objects.
I am not convinced that we have been visited by interstellar travelers or inter-dimensional travelers.

What do you think? Am I unusual?      

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