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Friday, March 1, 2013


     Have you been watching the news and keeping track of the kabuki theater that is Washington D.C. ? You would think that the end of the world as we know it is forthcoming. I don't believe that for a minute. Fool me once...shame on you! Fool me twice...shame on me! 

     Remember the Y2K crises? We're still here and our computers still work! Remember the Mayan Apocalypse? We're still here! Remember all the drama over the "Fiscal Cliff?" We're still here! Time and time again our elected officials predict all manner of dire consequences will ensue if a particular action is not taken. More often than not, the predictions are       W R O N G ! ! ! 

     The whole idea for the so called "Sequestration" came from the Obama administration. It was never intended to go into effect. Also, increasing revenues, AKA taxes, was never part of the agreement that created the forced spending cuts that is "Sequestration."
     Another interesting fact is that the $85 billion dollars in projected spending cuts are not spending cuts at all. They reflect a reduction in the rate of increase in projected spending.
     The fact is that the federal government is scheduled to spend more this year than last year; more next year than this year; and still more the following year. 

     Suppose you were projected to receive a raise of $1,000 dollars but instead only received a raise of $900 dollars. Were you, in fact, given a raise or was your pay cut by 10 percent? In the real world, where most of us live, you were given a $900 dollar raise. However, only in Washington D.C. is that called a pay cut. 
     This happens every year in Washington. If the government proposes to increase spending by 10 percent but only increases spending by 8 percent, our politicians consider that a 2 percent cut in spending. IT'S LUNACY!

     Also, does anyone really believe that our government is averse to spending money that it does not have. If you do then please explain to me how our government spent more than a trillion dollars last year than it brought in?  Explain to me how our national debt is at more than $16 trillion dollars. 

     If Sequestration is fully implemented the government will NOT crash and burn. The government will still be in business! All of us have had to reduce our spending due to an increased tax bite that was not supposed to hit the middle class but, surprise, did! It's way past time that our government has to set priorities, stop wasting our money and finally act like an adult!

     What do you think?    



  1. By that same argument, letting the Bush tax cuts expire shouldn't be called a tax hike. Right?

    1. Wrong! But thank you for your comment nonetheless!

  2. My friend, you are way too accurate and honest to be a Republican.