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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


     I love my life! I really do! I am not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination, but I am rich beyond description. I have everything that I could possibly need. Please bear with me as I elaborate.

     First, I am married to a most amazing woman. Yeah, I're probably thinking "there he goes again! We're so happy together...blah!...blah!...blah!" Well as pathetic as it may sound and as tired as you may be hearing it, it happens to be true!
     My beloved SWMBO is a constant source of  laughter, often without intending to be.  She often gets cliches mixed up in the same way that Yogi Berra does. She is forever losing things like her shoes, her cell phone, her car keys, TV Remote Controls, etc. It is my lot in life to search and find these lost items.
     But more than that she is a great wife. She creates a home that makes me want to come back to, my little refuge from the world.
     She is my best and most loyal friend. She is always in my corner and she loves me enough to tell me the unvarnished truth.
     She is a terrific grandmother. She loves being a Grannie and is so good at it. She dotes on out grandchildren whenever she can.
     This just scratches the surface of how wonderful she truly is.

      Secondly, I have been blessed with several wonderful friends. I have people in my life who I could call in the middle of the night and who would not hang up on me. I have friends who would respond, with shovels, to help me without asking any questions. I have friends who are acutely aware of my shortcomings but choose to overlook them. 

     Thirdly, I have been privileged to have people in my life who are accomplished in a particular discipline who took the time to impart their knowledge to me at the time when I needed it most.
      This was true during my law enforcement career. This was, and is, true with respect to my spiritual development. This was true during my school years. 

     Also I live in a country where freedom is a guaranteed right. Where I get to be as offensive as I want to be without legal jeopardy. 
     I live in a country with the best medical care in the world.
     I live in a country where people can become successful beyond their wildest dreams.

     These are just a few of the reasons why my life is so wonderful. In a future blog entry I'll elaborate on some of the spiritual blessings that I have as a Christian. 
     I really don't deserve any of these things, but I am so grateful that my life is so wonderful, rich and lavishly blessed. 

     I hope that all of you get to experience the joy that I am blessed with daily.  

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  1. You make me blush...I am the lucky one and so glad that I said Yes when you asked me to marry you....finally. You are my Joy