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Wednesday, January 23, 2013


    SWMBO and I live in a lovely slit-entry style house. The configuration of our counters in relation to the stove and the refrigerator, respectively, played an interesting part in SWMBO making light of yours truly.

     One day last week I made a sandwich for lunch. I saw at the time that I was using the last two slices of bread.
     Later that day my beloved SWMBO said that she was going to make soup and sandwiches for supper. 
     Remembering that I had used the last two slices I informed my beloved SWMBO that I had used the last two slices of bread earlier for lunch. SWMBO told me that this morning before I drove her to work she took a loaf of bread from the freezer and placed it on the stove to defrost / thaw out during the day.

     As I mentioned earlier I made a sandwich for lunch using the last two slices of bread in the process. I went to the bread box which is located on the counter to the left of the stove. I took the bread out and moved to the counter that is to the right of the stove next to the fridge. I walked past the stove and moved to the fridge. I removed the lunch meat and mustard from the fridge, made my sandwich, put everything away and then ate my lunch.

     When SWMBO informed me that she was making soup and sandwiches, I naturally questioned her about where the bread was coming from. She said there was a loaf of bread on the stove. I don't know how I could have missed it, but I did. SWMBO took great delight in mocking my prior assertions of being a trained observer. You may recall I was a police officer for 30 years. 

     As luck would have it, SWMBO had to teach a dog obedience class on Monday evening. Due to snowy conditions I drove her to work and picked her up after class.
     I arrived to pick her up as class was letting out. When SWMBO came out of the building there was a full size pick-up truck parked in front of the building. SWMBO had to walk around the truck to get to our car. As we drove away I asked her who owned the truck. She asked "What truck?" I told her the one parked in front of the building. She said that she did not see any truck. She asked me to return to the building so she could jot down the plate number.

     As we drove back I pointed out that she busted my chops over not seeing a loaf of bread and that it seemed like a double standard considering she failed to see an entire full size truck. Her answer was that I'm a trained observer and she isn't!

     Yep! I lost that argument too! As it turned out, the truck belonged to a co-worker. 

     Enjoy your day!

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  1. Plus the truck was covered in snow where as the bread wasn't and it was dark out! So there!!