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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


     Spring, so we are told, has arrived. You could never tell it was so from the winter-like temperatures we have been experiencing. To make matters worse, the weather prognosticators are predicting a snowstorm for this Friday, April 1st. Is this some sort of sick April Fool's prank?

     Anyways, the forecast got me to thinking about the last blizzard we experienced up here in the frozen tundra that is New Hampshire in winter. It got me to thinking about those businesses and offices that closed down because of the snow and those that did not. The contrast between the two is fascinating.

     For example, most municipal and state government offices were closed. Apparently the government cannot govern during a snow storm. However, if you needed your morning fix of coffee, most Dunkin Donuts were open for business. Apparently government workers are incapable of making it into work when there's snow on the ground. However, the people who make the donuts and fresh coffee apparently have a higher calling and are able to make it into work.

     Another example are the Courts were closed. Apparently justice cannot be dispensed if the roads are snow covered. Lawyers, Judges and Court staff are precluded from making it into work when there's snow. Interestingly enough though, most breakfast shops were open. If you needed a hot breakfast the breakfast makers were on duty dispensing their waffles, pancakes and bacon, eggs and toast. It must be more important to provide sustenance to the masses than to dispense justice.

     A final example is education...all the schools were closed. Apparently children cannot be given an education and teachers cannot teach if there is snow falling or is already on the ground. However, if you have run out of milk and bread, the grocery stores are open. Apparently it is more important to have food available for sale than to have information available for instruction.

     To be clear, my criticism of the government institutions is with tongue firmly planted in cheek. My point is that there are many unsung heroes who trudge to work through all kinds of horrible weather to provide the conveniences of our daily life. Truth be told, all of us could go a day or two without our daily coffee and donut, hot breakfast or grocery store visit. Yet, these people somehow make it into work and are not paid very well for their trouble. 

     So, I salute all these dedicated people, these unsung heroes.  The next time you visit one of these establishments show your appreciation to these workers by giving them a smile and a kind word and if it's permitted leave them a tip. Enjoy your day!


  1. To top it off, these unsung heroes smile at the rest of us!!! And I've even heard them say "Have a good day" and "Thank you". They sure deserve a smile back.

  2. Hrm. There have been lots of times when I'm in court because they're c losed. In fact, they've only been "closed" once since I started practicing 7 years ago (and remember, I started in the North Country, where it snows all year
    :-P) I, therefore, can't take a day off, much like you can't, when there's snow...

    And I'm happy the coffee makers are there - on days like today they *are* necessary. ;-)