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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


      One day I noticed that some of the kitchen cabinets were sagging, apparently coming loose from the ceiling. So I jury rigged a brace using some scrap wood and the jack from my truck. This supported the cabinets pending further action.

Kitchen Cabinets Braced!          

     SWMBO did not want to keep the cabinets in the jury rigged condition so we, that is I, had to find a solution. Of course, SWMBO asked me why the cabinets were sagging and of course, I had no idea.

     I solicited advice from friends who were more adept at home repairs than me, which means pretty much anyone else I know. The consensus of opinion was that the cabinets had to come down before a definitive diagnosis could be made.

     I had a carpenter come by and give me an estimate. He said it would cost at least $700/day plus the cost of materials. I had an appointment with another carpenter who failed to show up as scheduled. Not having $700 dollars plus lying around I decided to tackle the job myself. After all, I'm pretty good at breaking things. It's the putting them back together where the problems usually arise.

     Day one of the destruction...I mean the demolition, went fairly well. I did not shed any blood and neither the ceiling nor the roof came crashing down.

Demolition Day One!
      Notice the two milk cans, books and shelving. Considering I was doing this by myself I wanted something to lower the cabinets to so they did not slam onto the counter. It worked very well.

      Demolition day two went equally as well. The most difficult problem I ran into was almost completely stripping the screw heads holding the cabinets to the ceiling . Another problem I ran into was plugging a 12 volt DC charger in to a 5 volt electric drill, cooking the drill. 

Demolition Day Two

        SWMBO and I decided to replace the cabinets with two wall cabinet units each with an appliance garage underneath. We went to Lowe's Hardware Store and Home Depot and found a couple of brochures with cabinets we liked. We hope to enclose the soffit over the peninsula counter with sheetrock, spackle and paint.
      Stay tuned for further developments. Enjoy your day!


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  1. Don't forget the light over the peninsula, ....and maybe a new light over the sink. And hanging one of the old cabinets on a different wall for storage. And...OK I'll stop now before your eyes roll into the back of your head and begin to bleed! Great job love - Love you.