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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


     I consider myself to be an abundantly blessed man. I have been privileged to have many people come into my life and make a significant impact. For this blog entry I will focus on some of the females, most of which have been human, who have enriched my life.
     First I would like to talk about Becke the Wonder Dog, a yellow Labrador retriever. Becke came into SWMBO and my life several years ago. Becke was a kennel dog, kept only for breeding purposes. Consequently, many of her natural instincts were suppressed. Notwithstanding that, she has become a valued member of our family. She is so gentle and has an almost puppy-like personality! She seems to understand how rambunctious she can be depending on who's about. She is more physical with me then she is with our two year old granddaughter with whom she is very gentle. She won't go to bed unless I give her permission. She won't go outside unless SWMBO opens the door for her. She is an absolute love.
     Next, a few weeks ago I fell in love with little Cadence Rose...our newest granddaughter was born. She is absolutely adorable. She doesn't have much to say and is kind of selfish. She also acts like the whole world revolves around her. She is right about that and if you check her little pinkie finger you will see me wrapped tightly around it.
     Speaking of pinky's, my eldest granddaughter, Emily Elizabeth , has me wrapped around hers as well. She turned two years old today. She is absolutely gorgeous. She is also absolutely petrified of her pepere. I guess I'm too big and too intimidating. But she is beginning to warm up to me. She is beginning to see that I'm not the ogre she perceives me to be.
     Another female in my life is my daughter Carmen, also known as Kicky. She has been, and continues to be, a constant source of joy to me. She has inherited my sense of humor often to the chagrin of her mother, my wife, the lovely SWMBO. I am so proud of my daughter. She has grown up, much to my chagrin, to become a great wife and a wonderful mother. I still see her as a little girl on roller skates with pig tails, wearing a football jersey and striking a pose. She will always hold a special piece of my heart.
     Last, and by no means least, is the lovely SWMBO. Lynn Marie and I have been married for 39 years this July. I love to the depths of my being. I love and appreciate the way she takes care of me and the way she makes a home that I yearn to come back to. She provides a refuge from the world. She provides me a safe haven. I am so proud to be her husband. I thank God so often for blessing my life with her. She has been, and continues to be, a wonderful fellow traveller through life.
      So, as you can see, the females in my life have been, and continue to be, a tremendous blessing....a blessing I do not deserve but for which I am so thankful.
     Who are the people who enrich your life?   

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  1. Thank you love. I still say that I got the better end of our marriage and I love you more than words can say. I do agree of course that our daughter has turned into the most amazing woman and mommy! She is doing a great job with her girls and what fantastic girls they both are.