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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


     As I write this Blog entry there is still about three feet of snow in our back yard. There is a mound of snow in our driveway that is about six feet tall by about fifteen feet long by about ten feet wide. Temperatures range from a high in the mid 30's to lows in the single digits. We consider it a warm day when the mercury rises above freezing. I am so done with winter!
     I understand that winter is the price we have to pay for the other three seasons and I positively love the other three seasons. As I get older, though, this price seems to be too much. I mean, winter starts around late October/early November and lasts until March...that's five months. Yuck!
     In the beginning of winter the crisp, cold air is invigorating. The first snow storm makes the landscape look like a Currier & Ives Christmas Card. A crackling fire in the fireplace and the smell of a wood fire is wonderful. However, after you have shoveled your back deck, your front walk and the path for the oil man to make his deliveries for the millionth time, winter kinda loses it's charm.
     Another downer that is winter consists of the people who have resided in New Hampshire for years, have driven on our roads for years, but somehow manage to forget the laws of physics and how frozen precipitation impacts them. They drive as if these laws didn't apply to them. They often painfully learn their error after they have rearranged the structural integrity of their, or someone else's, motor vehicle.   
     So as I anticipate the arrival of Spring with it's milder temperatures and bright, warming sunshine, I am so done with least until the next one.
     Die Winter! Die! Die! Die!

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  1. I am SO with you here!! I want to see something green growing please! Spring is coming in 11 days!!!!! Hope we get to see it.