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Monday, May 13, 2013


     Yesterday was Mother's Day. I made my beloved SWMBO cry! I gave her a Mother's Day greeting card extolling her virtues as a mother and she cried. Not the reaction that I was going for. I told her that I didn't mean to make her cry, I was trying to make her happy. She told me through her tears that she was happy! I have an entirely different understanding of "happy."
     I also cooked some hamburgers on the barbecue grill on the rear deck at her request. I sliced some tomato and onion to go with her burgers. I also performed some chores to lighten her load such as cleaning the kitchen after lunch, mixing the beasts meals and packaging them in plastic containers and putting them into the freezer. SWMBO was pleased!

     Yesterday, I also posted a tribute to three very special women. The first was the woman who gave me life, Germaine Rivet Millette. Mom gave me life and on occasion, with full justification, threaten to take it back. I was the youngest of her kids and probably presented the most challenges.
     Mom was taken away from this earth way too soon. She contracted cancer and suffered a slow and painful passing. I was only eleven years old at the time. I often wonder how my life would be different had she lived. She was a terrific Mom!

     The next special woman, Dorothy (Dot) Adams Millette, came into my life several years after Mom passed. Dad fell in love and married this wonderful lady. Although she was my stepmother, I called her Mom. I came to love and respect her tremendously. She was a registered nurse by trade and really loved dad. They shared many happy years together. 
     My second Mom had three kids of her own who are older than I am. She had two girls and a boy. Dot was a wonderful Mother and grandmother to all her grand kids, eight in all.

     The third woman is, of course, my beloved SWMBO. She is the most wonderful person I know. She is kind, loving and caring. She is my best friend, a wonderful Mom to our two kids and an outstanding Granny to our four grand kids.
     SWMBO is my very best friend. She is my greatest cheerleader and fan. I am most privileged to be able to share a life with her. In other words...I'm a fan, her greatest fan!

     I hope you paid tribute to the Mom's in your life yesterday! These women who bear our children, make a home for us, and put up with the mountains of crap that we throw their way, deserve as a minimum our respect. However, they deserve so much more than the minimum! Thank God for women such as these! 

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  1. I loved my day! The card was so pretty and sweet. The cooking, cleaning and picking up all took care of it's self and I got to talk to our kids. Thank you for my life and thank you to Germaine for giving you life. Because of her, I got you. Love you so much.