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Friday, May 3, 2013


     Is there nothing that is Taboo anymore? Is there nothing that we as a society won't condemn as clearly wrong? 

     Recently a federal judge ordered that the "Plan B" pill be available over the counter without a prescription for girls 15 years old and older. Now if this judge's order stands, a girl will be able to go into any drug store and buy and ingest this abortifacient drug without parental notification or consent.

    Personally, I have some problems with the judges order. First, the age whereby a female can legally consent to engage in sexual intercourse is no less than 16 years old in any state in these United States. If a girl is having sex at 15 years old and the partner is older than 17 years old a felony crime has been's called "Statutory Rape."
     Secondly, if a 15 year old girl is the victim of incest and becomes impregnated, the perpetrator can cover up his crime by administering Plan B.
     Thirdly, parents are once again being cut out of the loop. A school cannot give a child an aspirin without parental consent. Now, a drug store can give a child a powerful drug without parental consent. Does that make sense to anyone?
     Fourth, there is no requirement that a child must see a medical professional. Does it make sense to give this serious drug to a child without a prescription if everyone else has to show a driver's license to by decongestant pills or alcoholic beverages or cigarettes? 

     No 15 year old child, male or female, should be engaging in intimate sexual contact. If a 15 year old is engaging in intercourse they are probably a victim of incest, or statutory rape, or as a minimum, child abuse! THIS IS SO WRONG!!!

     Another issue that has me amped up somewhat is the issue of abortion. I am pro life...period! Now I know I'm sticking my head in the lion's mouth, so to speak. Having said that, I acknowledge that there are compelling arguments on both sides of this issue with one glaring exception.

     Pro Abortion and Pro Choice people argue that abortion should be available in cases of rape, incest and to protect the life of the mother. Like I said, there are compelling arguments to be made to support that position. 

    However, there are no such compelling arguments to justify the practice of "Partial Birth" abortion. Partial Birth abortion is infanticide, pure and simple. When a child is delivered out of the mother and is viable, there is no compelling reason that justifies terminating that child's life...period.

     Thomas Jefferson asserted in the Declaration of Independence that certain truths were "self evident." One of those truths asserted by Mr. Jefferson is that we are ALL endowed by our Creator, that is, God, with inalienable rights and that among these rights is life!
     We have been endowed by God with the right to life. That means that it is wrong for anyone to deprive a person of their God-given right to life. This means that that partially born child has an inalienable right, endowed to him by God, to life!

     Finally, there is a doctor on trial in Philadelphia for murdering babies. This butcher is responsible for the deaths of countless babies and not just a few women.  This man is beyond contempt!

     So I ask you again, is there nothing that is taboo? I assure you that there is!

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