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Monday, May 6, 2013


     Abortion is wrong! In case anyone has any doubt as to what I believe, the foregoing three words ought to clearly convey what my belief is in regards to the taking of the life of the unborn. I believe that human life begins at conception...period!

     Having said that, however, you may recall that in Part I of this topic I stated that there were compelling arguments to be made on this issue, particularly in cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. I don't necessarily agree with those arguments, but I do find them compelling.

     When it comes to late term and partial birth abortions those same arguments in the case of rape or incest lose their compelling nature and, in my humble view, no longer are valid and no longer justify the killing of the unborn. 
     There might possibly be some compelling value to the argument, I suppose, in some cases where the life of the mother is in real jeopardy. However, I believe that these cases are rare and therefore do not serve to justify the current practices. Again, just because the argument is compelling does not mean that I necessarily agree with them.
     I say again that late tern and Partial birth abortion is wrong. In support thereof I respectfully submit...

    Exhibit #1 is Kermit Gosnell

     I will not dignify this contemptible human being by calling him "doctor." This man is reportedly responsible for the killing of hundreds, Yes I mean to say HUNDREDS, of babies AFTER they had been born alive! For over three decades this man has become wealthy by slaughtering human babies at all stages of fetal development. Not to mention the many women who were seriously injured by this butcher. Where is the outrage?

     In contrast, Michael Vick, the professional football player convicted for running a dog fighting operation, was excoriated ad nauseum by the "Main Stream Media" for weeks, if not months. Vick was soundly condemned for the barbarity of his so-called money making hobby. 
     After Mr. Vick served his prison time, was released and rehabilitated himself, word got out that he was thinking of getting a dog for a pet. Again there was a tremendous hue and cry in the media and in the blogosphere and on social media expressing outrage that Vick would have the temerity to get a dog.

     Where is the outrage about the Gosnell case? Is it worse to kill dogs in a barbaric way than it is to kill human babies in a barbaric way? Judging by the silence in the "Main Stream Media" it would appear so.

     Fox News did an hour long special on the Gosnell case. It was more terrifying than any horror movie that's ever been released. Only, this horror movie is real! I commend this news special to you if you want to learn what Gosnell is accused of doing and the evidence that proves it.

     Exhibit #2 is Lila Rose, "Live Action"

     If you think that the Gosnell case is an anomaly, you would be wrong, Lila Rose is a pro life activist who has gone undercover and recorded what is really going on in Planned Parenthood offices around the country and most recently an expose on the "Late term Abortion Industry."
     Miss Rose has shown that Gosnell is by no means unique when it comes to killing babies. Her film is called "INHUMAN" and depicts what is actually going on in America's "Late Term Abortion Industry." Did you even know that there is a Late Term Abortion Industry? I did not!

     Pro abortion supporters often assert that abortion should be freely available, safe and rare. Well, abortion is NOT RARE! NOT SAFE! Judging from the Gosnell case and Miss Roses expose, late term abortion IS NOT RARE! NOT SAFE!

     Where is the outrage? IS NOTHING TABOO, ANYMORE? 

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  1. Who was it who said "If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything."? I fear we are becoming a nation who falls for anything on the main media. A nation of followers. It's very sad.