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Monday, February 25, 2013


     Well,that weekend went by fast! Where did it go? Does that mean I'm getting old because time seems to be going by so fast? It seems like it was just yesterday that I posted my 100th blog entry. 
     I've been blogging for over three years. Granted, I didn't do much in 2012 but I started this blog in 2010. Time flies!
     Now back to the weekend. Friday night SWMBO and I were invited to join another couple, who are dear friends, for supper at the Longhorn Restaurant near the Mall of N.H. in Manchester. It made for a really pleasant start to our weekend. We shared a wonderful meal, some laughs and the pleasure of each others company.

     On Saturday I had an Elders meeting at the church office. This was our regularly scheduled meeting with the Deacons. Preacher Dude joined us because our regularly scheduled meeting with the preacher was snowed out by a nor'easter two weeks ago and he had some things he needed to discuss with us that couldn't wait. 
     I must say again that I am really blessed and privileged to be able to associate and serve with such godly men. Preacher Dude, our Deacons and my fellow Elder a really fine, dedicated men.

     After the meeting SWMBO had a wonderful lunch prepared for us. She made soup in the crock pot and chicken salad sandwiches. Have I mentioned how lucky I am to be married to SWMBO? She is my very best friend and the most wonderful person I know!

     Sunday morning brought yet more snow. SWMBO and I opted to listen to the highway safety advisories and stay off the snow slicked roadways and stay home. Church is important, very important. However, we need to arrive safely to reap the benefits of attending. 
     SWMBO shoveled the back deck and walkways. I shoveled the back deck and walkways. SWMBO had to tougher job because there was about four inches of wet, heavy snow when she shoveled. There was only about two inches when I shoveled.
     I also shoveled the front stairs and walkway as well as unburying the trash and recycling bins. 

     Sunday evening brought small group. We observed the Lord's Supper, sang a few songs and then studied a lesson on loving others as yourself. It was a good time.
     We spent time in prayer for our youth group who were at a youth rally this weekend. On the way home they were involved in a traffic accident. Thankfully, there were no serious injuries just bumps and bruises. God is good!

     After small group and upon returning home, SWMBO went to bed because she was really tired. I had supper and watched the Academy Awards while I typed this blog entry.

     I hope that your weekend was a memorable and enjoyable. God bless you all!  

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  1. You're not old because the weekend flew by! You're just old! But I love you with all my heart. If I'm to be snowed in, I want to be snowed in with you! It's a great life.