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Monday, February 11, 2013


     How was your weekend? We had a bit of snow up here in the frozen tundra that is New Hampshire. Mother Nature threw another of her patented hissy fits! This particular hissy fit was named Winter Storm Nemo. According to meteorological records, Nemo produced the second highest snowfall on record at 24 inches. The highest snowfall was recorded over a hundred years ago in March of 1888 which was 27.5 inches of snow. These measurements were both taken at Concord, N.H.

     Here in Goffstown, N.H, we received 22 inches of snow. As you can see from these photographs, we received an impressive amount of snow...

...These pictures are of our back yard.

     After the snow plow came our front yard became even more impressive a sight.

...These snow banks rise to over six feet, taller than me in some places. SWMBO and I have a hundred feet of driveway and there's no way we could shovel all that. So, we hired a local landscaper to plow us out.

     I do not own a snow blower, primarily because I have a dirt-gravel driveway and I was told by people in the know that snow blowing rocks would destroy the internal workings of a snow blower.
     I do have an electric shovel, however. It's a mini-snow blower at the end of a shovel handle. The electric shovel throws the snow an impressive distance and saves me from having to throw the snow myself by shoveling old school.

...In order to shovel almost two feet of snow I need to do so by making several passes, taking about six inches off at a time. As you can see from the picture above it is possible, but it is hard work and it takes its toll on your shoulders and lower back.

     Fortunately, SWMBO and I never lost power during the storm but we were ready with our generator positioned at the front of our garage with sufficient gas to run it for a couple of days if it became necessary. We also had two full 5-gallon water jugs so we could flush the toilet. The well pump is not one of the systems that I power with the generator. We had plenty of flashlights, water, wood pellets for heat, food, etc. So, as I said, we were ready.

     How did you fare during Mother Nature's hissy fit, AKA winter storm Nemo or "the snow-pocalypse?" Leave a comment and thank you for stopping by.


  1. Thank you for being retired. I love having you home! It made this storm so much nicer. Now for round 2- freezing rain.

    1. You're welcome my beloved. I am happy to be able to take care of you first before having to run out and help other people. You deserve my very best and I am determined to give it to you!