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Tuesday, May 5, 2015


     I have survived another year of the "A" to "Z" Blog Challenge. It really is a challenge to write something every day for a month. I'm fairly certain that I could not write every day for a year. Perhaps that's a challenge for another day.
     My theme for this year's Blog Challenge was an "A" to "Z" trip down Rock & Roll memory lane. I really enjoyed doing the research and learning about the various artists and bands that I blogged about. I learned significantly more than I was able to include in each post. DO NOT PLAY Trivial Pursuit, Rock & Roll edition with me...I WILL clean your clock. Just kidding! 
     There were a couple of facts that seemed to be consistent with all the artists and bands that I researched. All of them who achieved a level of success worked very hard at learning how to play their instrument(s) from a very early age. Some artists were blessed with an innate talent for their instrument. Other artists had to work extremely hard to reach their high level of proficiency. Whether their talent was innate or developed by hard work, these artists had a real passion for playing music. Even if they had to earn a living doing something else, they would still find a place to play their music. They all shared a passion for sharing their talent with us, the great unwashed masses. 

     Those of you who have read my profile will not be surprised about what I am about to say. I consider the arts another piece of evidence that humans were created and did not evolve. Humans are the only "animal" who are self aware and do things because they are fun or because they touch us in special ways. Art is not necessary to sustain life. Art is not necessary to propagate the species. 
     There are no animals, to my knowledge, that create things that are not directly or indirectly related to their survival or continuing their lives through offspring. Animals do not create things to just sit back and admire them. Animals don't write songs, paint pictures or build magnificent dwellings for the sake of creativity.
     The Bible tells us in the book of Genesis that God created us in His image. Take a look around the universe and see the variety and beauty of what the Bible says has been created by God. God is amazingly and infinitely creative. Being made in His image, finite humans are finitely creative. The connection seems to me to be self evident. It certainly is a more plausible explanation than "It just happened by chance." I just don't have enough faith to believe that it just happened by chance.  If you have read my profile, you already know that. Think about it!


  1. I love this observation! I have yet to see a cat do something creative- unless you count sticking your head through the arm of a grocery bag and running all over the house with it ;)

  2. I couldn't agree with you more! Your choice for the challenge was so fun to read, and the arts are so integral to our existence as a society of humane beings. We were created in His image. How anyone can think differently is beyond me.