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Thursday, April 18, 2013


     There's a medical conspiracy afoot. About a year ago my Primary Care Physician spoke to me about getting a "sleep study" to determine if I have sleep apnea but never ordered the test.
     This year my PCP sent me to a nutritionist to educate me on how I should eat better. She asked me how I slept. SWMBO, who accompanied me to the appointment, gave her perspective and I gave mine. The nutritionist recommended that I have a sleep study done. I reluctantly agreed. So the nutritionist set the appointment...for the following week.
     I reported to the Sleep Center at 9:00 p.m. The staff showed me to my room and allowed me to change into my PJ's and get settled in. Once I was comfortable with the room and such the sleep technologist escorted me to a room with a chair...THE CHAIR.
     Once seated, the technologist explained what he was going to do to me and how he was going to do it. Basically he was going to wire me with numerous wire leads to record and monitor everythng that my body did while I slept. I had wires hooked to me everywhere. I found it hard to believe that anyone could sleep with all those wires attached everywhere as they were. Well, sleep I did! So far the results of the study aren't in. When they do come in I'll let you know what happened and what the next step is.

     A couple of months ago I get a phone call from the colonoscopy people. These are the same people who abused pets when they were small children. They said it's been five years since my last test and would I like to schedule the procedure? I said "No freakin way!" I told them that I was scheduled to see my PCP in a couple of months and I would discuss it with him.
     I saw my PCP this week. By the way, while I was sitting in the exam room, the nurse who took my vitals also asked me a series of routine questions. One of the questions kinda made me laugh. The nurse asked me how my mental health was.
     I told her my mental health was excellent but added that if she asked some people who knew me, she would probably get some much different answers. I then asked her "If I was really bat crap crazy, do you really think that I'd tell you?" Her response floored me. She said that some people do tell her they're crazy. I laughed out loud! I think that annoyed the nurse.
     Anyway, I'm talking to my PCP about the colonoscopy. He said that it's been five years since my last one and I should have another one done.

     I told him that I would like to wait until next year when I'll turn 60 and then I'll have them every five years from then on. He said okay, but if I change my mind, to let him know and he would order the test. My response to that was "You know, over the last five years I can't think of a single day when I thought to know, I could really use a good colonoscopy! Please do not hold your breath waiting for that call!" 

     On Monday, an event happened that happens every year...the Boston Marathon. Sadly, that event will never be the same again. Some evil jerk exploded two bombs and killed three people and injured hundreds more. There is a special place in hell for such people

     What this event clearly demonstrated once again is that the American people are a good and noble people, despite their many flaws. Everyday citizens stepped up to aid the injured without hesitation. Runners who had just completed running over 26 miles ran a couple of more miles to the nearest hospital to give blood for those injured in the blast. Strangers pitched in to help people by applying tourniquets, evacuate them and others from blast area to the medical people to get checked out and/or treated. Our first responders ran into danger, to the sound of the blast, as usual! 
     Those everyday Americans demonstrated once again who we are as a people, as they did during the attacks on 9/11, and again during hurricane Katrina and still again in the aftermath of winter storm Sandy.
     I am so proud of those everyday Americans who stepped up to help. I am so proud of our first responders who willingly ran into danger that others may live. I am so proud of our servicemen, and women, who were there to watch the Marathon and rushed in to lend a hand as well. Americans are a good and noble people! 
     May God bless the families of those who lost their lives on Monday. I pray that God blesses the injured with a speedy recovery and complete healing in both mind and body and their families, as well. God bless all of our first responders! GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!


  1. AMEN! No matter what seems to happen Americans seem to just react to the good of others. I'm so porud of all our 1st responders and of you as well, because you were a 1st responder for over 30 years.

    1. Thank you my beloved SWMBO! I'm proud of my service too but oh so happy to have more time to spend with you!