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Monday, October 25, 2010


     "Being Gay is a Choice!" I posted this comment a couple of times in various media in response to the assertion that being Gay is not a choice but a function of Nature. It is not politically correct to hold this view. Judging from some of the angry responses that I have received, it's not okay to hold, much less to express, this view. If you have read my previous blog entry you know what I believe with respect to political correctness and free speech. Therefore, with all due respect to those who may take offense, let me explain why I hold this belief.

     First and foremost God, the God of the Bible, condemns homosexuality as being wrong and therefore sinful. Those who don't believe in God will probably dismiss this reason without giving it any further consideration. Those who do believe in God will find this point is quite compelling.
     There is a Supreme Being, God, who is the Creator of all things that have been created. He is the ultimate authority on ALL things in the universe. He has the authority and the power to establish what is morally right or morally wrong. He is the ultimate source of love, life, morality, justice, ethics, etc. He has shown Himself to be a God of love, grace and mercy. He has communicated with humanity through about 40 different authors over a period of approximately 1500 years in a library of 66 books we know as the Bible.
       God being just, holds us responsible for the exercise of our God-given free will. It is clear from a reading of the Bible that God does not punish people for things that are beyond their control, like getting sick for example. He does punish people for what they do.
       Therefore, logic compels me to conclude that: (1) God justly punishes us for things that we choose to do that are wrong/sinful; (2) God has declared the practice homosexuality is sinful; (3) God does not punish us for what is not our choice; (4) God declares that He will punish those who practice homosexuality; (5) homosexuality, being gay, is a choice.

      Next, consider the natural world around us. All animals on land, in the air and in the seas, with rare exceptions, are male or female. It takes a male and female to propagate the species.
      Human beings are male or female. It takes a male and female to propagate the human species. That is the natural order of things. Homosexuality is not natural. No one is born homosexual, they become homosexual later in life by choice. No one has ever gone to a doctor and after being examined was told by that doctor "You're a homosexual."
      There is no empirical scientific data that supports the proposition that being homosexual is anything but a choice of the person who declares themselves to be homosexual.

      If a person chooses to be homosexual it is their choice. They are entitled to make their choices just as we are entitled to make ours. They are entitled to be treated with the same respect everyone else is entitled to. I mean to say that it is morally wrong to harass, abuse, bully, physically assault, denigrate or mistreat them in any way. God will be their judge, and ours, not you...not me!

      It is proper to try persuade people and to "lovingly" point out where they stand with respect to God and the potential consequences of their choice. However, it is never proper to coerce them to your point of view.  It is never appropriate to use the Bible as a cudgel to beat anyone into submission. God never coerces us, He persuades us in love. He leaves the choice to us. We can do no more!

      Being Gay is a Choice!


  1. Gerry, I like your stand here and agree with how you say it. I would say though, that it is not wrong to have homosexual tendencies and they some may be born more prone to be tempted to practice homosexuallity. So for me, it comes down to this: I am not held accountable for what I feel but am for what I act on. All of us are tempted by sin, that's not a problem but if I acted on my temptations not many would support my actions. One man said,"If a bird poops on your head it's no sin but if you allow it to build a nest, that's a different story."

  2. I wonder if the "homosexual tendencies" mentioned above arose from worldly reasons or are innate. I doubt, highly, since God did not create us to have homosexual desires, they are innate, therefore they are worldly. It is those "worldly things" which are usually were sin begins......... with thoughts...... not just actions. Be careful for your thoughts can (and often do) become actions.......

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  5. I had to amend my reply because the thoughts just kept pouring in.. (sorry bout that)

    While your entry was well written I have to add comments of my own for your musings because this topic hits a tad too close to home for me. You talk about choice and this lifestyle being a choice.. punished by God cause the Bible says so.. well.. I had a gay brother. And let me tell you just how much turmoil our family went into with that information leaking out of the closet. Choice? upbringing?? something else?? With all the tears, judgement, and subsequent rejection, to say nothing of the deep bone heartache that went on in my own family after my brother "came out" who knows??, cause I sure don't. Deep in my heart, I believe if my brother had a "choice" about his sexuality, then he would not have chosen that lifestyle. Too much pain for him in it. (I know because I lived it with him and had lots of conversations about it with him) But should he have lived his life in a lie then?? Not thinking God thinks that's cool either. Which is the bigger sin?? I'm thinking the lie.. cause that came down directly by God in a commandment.. But frankly, I just don't have that answer.. it's beyond me..I leave it for higher powers to decide.

    But wait, there's more time passed we learned on the paternal side of my family.. each of my father's siblings had a gay child (and since he had 10 living siblings I have 10 first-cousins who are gay) Now is all this choice? hmmmm..... Do we expect them to be "punished by God" for their choice or would God prefer them to live a lie?? I don't have that answer either, only know the issue is more complex now. But wait... of course, there's more...Forward more very rejecting and oooo so "manly" brother has a son... and this young man (you guessed it) is homosexual. (seeing more faulty genetics here than choice) And of course, it would be interesting to see how many of my paternal cousins have gay children. From this, I have learned not everything in life is as cut and dry and logical -- just saying. I love my family and I have no intention of rejecting any of them, for I feel they need more love and acceptance than judgement. Also, it just seems a Catch-22 for them.. either live a lie... or be labeled an aberration to be rejected by society and/or punished by God for something they had no real "choice" over.?? OR do we really and honestly expect them all to be celibate so the rest of us don't have to think about this at all?? My heart can't do that or expect that.. it just can't. And for the Gay individual...I don't believe it's my or anyone else's place to give them more grief and guilt by lovingly (or not) pointing out their lifestyle is punishable by God. They have enough to deal with. I don't want folks poking into my bedroom practices, and I don't wish to poke into theirs. Accepting them, respecting their privacy and their lifestyle-- their family!! That's MY choice.

  6. Many years ago man thought the world was flat. I haven't found any scientific study to date that says homosexuality has anything to do with genetics.. The loudest volices, though are not always correct. I wonder, if like our past belief of a very flat world, not all the data is in yet to definitively conclude that homosexuality is a moral choice. I just know what I know by looking at, living with and talking to members of my very colorful and unique family tree.

  7. Hi Gerry,
    Though I do not share your opinion about homosexuality, I do appreciate how you expressed your position. It's refreshing to read a conservative viewpoint that isn't full of condemnation and histrionics. Your closing paragraph was what touched me - you don't use your faith to browbeat others to your point of view.