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Wednesday, August 10, 2016


     Welcome back ye olde Wednesday Hodgepodge, you were missed. We are back in the hot and muggies up here in the Granite State. It has been a great Summer weatherize so far. We are in drought conditions and could use some significant rainfall. Something a little more than the Oklahoma Dust Bowl and not quite as much as Noah and his Ark experienced. Now onto the Hodgepodge.

1. Are you watching the Olympics? Your favorite summer Olympic event? I read recently a list of the most iconic Olympic moments in history...what stands out in your mind as a great moment from some past summer Olympic games?
     I am not watching the Olympics this time around. I just don't have the time. One of my favorite Olympic moments is when the U.S. Hockey team spanked the Soviet Union hockey team in Lake Placid, NY. 

2. Have you ever been to Rio? How about the place that started it all-Greece? Have you ever been to any of the Olympic Games in person? Is that something you'd like to do? Have you ever met an Olympian in person?
     I have never been to Rio, Greece or been in attendance at any Olympic event. I would like to someday and no, I have never met an Olympic athlete.

3. The ball's in their court (tennis), cross the finish line (track and field), on target (archery), make a splash (diving), on a roll (gymnastics), out of one's depth (swimming)...which Olympic-related idiom best applies to your life right now? Explain.
     "Out of one's depth" applies to SWMBO and me at this point in our existence. Ironically it's not from having too much water, it's from not having any. Let me explain. We have a well and for some reason water is backing up into our laundry room. So we had to shut our well pump down and the earliest we can get someone here to fix the problem is Thursday. So we are without water until then. We've been filling two 5 gallon water cans to fill the toilet tank because some things don't wait, if you catch my drift. We've been relying on friends and family for shower privileges for the duration.

4. What have you earned a 'gold medal' in recently?
     Taking care of the logistics to meet SWMBO's water needs during this water crisis. (See #5)

5. What is it (or who is it) that motivates you to eat right, exercise, and do what you can to be healthy?
     SWMBO! I have to be reasonably healthy to be able to care for her. That said, I haven't been too successful in maintaining eating right and exercising. Eating is not the problem, eating right is! 

6. Are you young at heart or an old soul? Explain.
     I don't know!

7. It's National S'mores Day (August 10th)...are you a fan? Will you celebrate with a s'more today?
     I'm not a fan of amores so I think I'll pass.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
     I sometimes get the impression that secular people believe that Christians are sinless, holy people who never fall victim to the less seemly side of human existence. They seem to further believe that Christians don't experience difficulties as non Christians do.
     The fact is that whether they admit it or not, all Christians still fail and sin. "Christians are not perfect, just forgiven" is just a cliche but it happens to be true. Christians try hard every day to live right but often fail to do so. 
     As for facing difficulties, Christians experience them as everybody else does. Christians are not immune to getting cancer, losing everything in a tornado, wildfire or an earthquake or experiencing some other calamity. Where Christians differ is that we know, by faith, that the difficulties of this world will cease and we will have an eternity without any suffering. God said it, I believe it, that settles it. Yes, that is another cliche, but it too happens to be true! God bless all of you!


  1. I hope your water situation gets resolved soon!

    We've had several water situations to deal with this year so I can empathize.

  2. Well said in your #8. I loved it when the US team beat the Soviets in that hockey match. It was like good over evil back then. I jumped and screamed when we won and that started my love for hockey, actually. It was an amazing event! Hope the water issues get resolved for you soon!!

  3. No water-ugh! We were without water for several days during Hurricaine Sandy, and the no showering at home thing got old fast. Definitely made me appreciate the everyday things I take for granted!

  4. God bless you, too. Hopefully your water woes will be figured out soon. Our son relies on a well for his water. That hockey game is the first thing that came to my mind when I thought of epic Olympic memories.

  5. Oh, being without water is hard, I'm glad that you have a solution, even if it is a while away. Your extra thought is very in line with a lot of the Christian life things that I have been studying and pondering recently. The views that Christians have of themselves and the way that others view them are so different right now.

  6. Yes you do deserve a Gold Medal for the water well endurance test. Hopefully by now you are back "in the swim" so to speak.
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA