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Friday, October 2, 2015


     Yesterday a man walked into a Community College in Oregon and started shooting students. At last count thirteen people are dead and more are injured. This rampage ended because an armed police officer bravely entered the school, confronted the shooter and stopped him by shooting him. 
     Before we knew what actually happened, President Obama lost no time is getting in front of the news cameras bemoaning his inability to pass "sensible gun safety laws." He went on to say that the evidence shows that strict gun safety laws are effective in stopping this kind of violence. He further bemoaned the fact that the United States is the only civilized country that has the problem of mass shootings.
     This is "If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" misinformation coming from the mouth of the Commander in Chief. Why anyone takes seriously what the President says is beyond me. He has been shown to be lying outright time and time again. This time is no different. 
     Chicago, IL, and Washington D.C. have some of the strictest "gun safety" laws in the country and, if the President is correct, should have the lowest incidence of gun violence. The FACT is that both Chicago and Washington have very high incidences of gun violence. The body count during a Chicago weekend often rivals the body count in Afghanistan, a war zone.
     Study after study has shown that areas that do not restrict gun ownership have lower incidences of all crime. These same studies show that areas that have strict gun restrictions have higher levels of crime. 
     The primary reason why this is so is that restrictive gun laws only disarm law abiding citizens. Criminals do not obey gun laws, non-criminals do! 
     I think it is reprehensible that when these horrible events happen and before we know what actually happened, someone gets their face in front of a camera to use the tragedy to move their agenda forward. The President's conduct in this instance is beyond contempt. The President is simply wrong!

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  1. The POTUS has been wrong since he entered the White House. I agree with everything you state here. Everything.