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Tuesday, July 14, 2015


     "Who is this God that I should listen to him?"

     In the fifth chapter of the book of Exodus we read an account of Moses' first meeting with Pharaoh where he told Pharaoh that God commands that he let His people go. In response Pharaoh asks the question highlighted above. Unfortunately for Pharaoh he received his answer in the form of ten plagues and the destruction of Egypt.

     In America these days our nation is asking the same question. It started with removing prayer from our public schools. It continued with the sexual revolution where all forms of moral depravity became the order of the day. Shortly after that, our nation began slaughtering our unborn in Planned Parenthood clinics nationwide. Marriage took a severe hit with the so called "No Fault Divorce." American families from coast to coast were destroyed in the process. Now, by court fiat, marriage has been redefined further eroding the definition of a "traditional family." 

     As a nation we have tried to remove God from the public square and relegate Him to the confines of the church building. We began to label as "intolerant" anyone who would dare to advocate for God's clear teaching on a myriad of topics in our society.

     As a nation we would do well to answer the question posed by the Egyptian Pharaoh thousands of years ago. We would do well to remember the consequences of answering that question incorrectly, exemplified by Egypt's experience so long ago.

    The God who we read about in the book of Exodus is the same God who we worship in our churches today. I pray for my beloved Nation! I solicit all of you to pray for our beloved Nation! I fear that if we fail to repent as a nation and return to honoring God as we ought to, WE TOO WILL LIKEWISE PERISH! 


  1. I guess the question for me is why we expect non-Christians to act as if they were Christians. Rather than scold, shorn, and shun we should look at this time as an opportunity to share our faith and hope with love.

    1. I think that we should try to persuade non-Christians to become Christians by sharing our faith, our hope and our love, and most importantly God's love.