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Wednesday, April 1, 2015


     I have a difficult time writing and publising more than the Wednesday Hodgepodge blog post each week. So I sign up to participate in the 2015 A to Z Blogging Challenge where I commit to write one blog post per day, except Sundays, through the month of April. Yes, I am definitely nuts! Well onto this weeks edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Thank you Joyce for more questions! Enjoy!

1. In honor of the date...when were you last sent on a 'fool's errand'?
     When I was in the military I was once sent to locate "the left handed screwdriver." I have personally sent people out to the flightline to get "...a bucket of prop wash." I was once sent to the base hospital to get "...some fallopian tubing." I once worked in a restaurant and was asked to go to the store room to get "...the bacon stretcher." These fool's errands are also known as "wild goose chases." I can't remember the last time I was sent on a fool's errand but I am certain that I have been.

2. Peter Rabbit, Bugs Bunny, The Energizer Bunny, The Easter Bunny, Rabbit (Pooh's friend), White Rabbit (of Wonderland fame), or the Trix Rabbit...which of these 'famous' rabbits can you best relate to right now?
     I'll go with "Bugs Bunny." I identify with his not taking anything too seriously demeanor. I also like his singular smart-ass wit. 

3. When did you last find yourself scrambling to get something done? Explain.
     The church where I serve as an Elder owns a house next doot to the church that we use as a parsonage. In January the furnace stopped working and the pipes on the first and second floor froze and burst. I did a bit of scrambling arranging for plumbers and dealing with the insurance company, the restoration company and other associated tasks.

4. Last time you were up at the literal crack of dawn? Why? Last time you stayed up all night? Why?
     Crack of dawn? Are you kidding? I'M RETIRED...I DON'T DO CRACK OF DAWN! I have stayed up all night because I couldn't sleep because of coughing due to a cold.

5. Crack a book, crack a bottle, crack a joke, crack an egg...which have you done most recently?
     I have cracked a book and cracked a joke. I frequently crack open books and more frequently crack jokes.

6. What's your favorite part of a typical weekend? Tell us why that's so.
     My favorite part of a typical weekend hands down is Sunday morning worship service, particularly taking the Lord's Supper, a.k.a. Communion.

7. What's something I'd find on a bookshelf in your home? Other than a book I mean!
     A box containing guitar picks, a guitar tool, and a pitch pipe.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
     This past Saturday we celebrated my eldest granddaughter's sixth birthday. She is growing so fast. Today we had both granddaughters at our house for a few hours. I do so love being a grandfather. Before they left both girls hugged me and said "I love you Pepere!" Grandfather Nirvana! It don't get any better than that!


  1. Hahaha fallopian tubing. Genius. ;-)

    All the best with the rest of the challenge!

  2. Kind of lilke Snipe hunts new camp counselors would be sent on : ) Good luck with the challenge! I've signed up too, and hope I can get them all done. April always has a lot going on, but I'm going to give it a try.

  3. Great fools errands! Grand kids are the best. I have boys 3 and 6. Boys are new to me and eye opening.

  4. There's also that classic fool's errand of going to fetch a bucket of steam.

    But you have to make sure you carry the bucket upside down so it doesn't escape ;)

  5. I enjoyed this post a lot! Great share! Shawn from Laughing at Life 2

  6. I relate to the White Rabbit myself, especially when he sings, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date."

    Having just become a grandmother this year, I certainly understand Grandfather Nirvana. Mine doesn't talk yet but I am anxiously awaiting my first "MiMi, I love you!"

  7. Brand new follower of your blog here. Nice to meet you via A to Z!

    2015 A to Z Challenge Co-Host
    Matthew MacNish from The QQQE