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Wednesday, December 10, 2014


     We are in the midst of another Nor'easter. Fortunately for my location in the Granite State it has been mostly a rain event. Had it been snow we would be shoveling out of twelve to eighteen inches of snow. There is a truism we say in NH...."You don't shovel rain!" 
     Now on to the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Thank you Joyce for this weeks questions.
1. What is one new holiday tradition you'd like to establish, or one you've established recently, say in the last year or two?
     A few years ago, SWMBO and I decided that we would agree to limit our gift purchases for each other to a defined dollar amount, always less than $100 dollars each. We decided by taking the "I love you more because I spent more on you" competition out of the mix we can better focus on the TRUE meaning of the Christmas Holiday while still acknowledging each other with a modest gift or gifts. 
     I really don't need, or want, much. I have everything I really need and then some. I really have a difficult time answering the question "What do you want for Christmas?" So I value our tradition.

2. It's the second week of December. Have you sipped a cup of eggnog yet this month? Wrapped a gift? Opened a gift? Kissed someone under the mistletoe? Lit a candle? Eaten a Christmas cookie? Seen Santa in person? Watched a Christmas movie or special? Read scripture relating to the birth of Jesus?
     Yes! No! No! No! Yes! Yes! No! Yes! and No, but I am certain to do so!

3. Do you think it's better to be an adult or a child at Christmastime? Explain.
     I'm going with a child on this one. Children have a wide-eyed innocence and excitement during this time of year that many adults, including yours truly, are lacking. There is nothing like a smile on a child's face when they open that special gift from Santa, believing that it actually came from Santa. 

4. It's often said, 'Good things come to those who wait'...agree or disagree? Why?
     I definitely agree. Immediate gratification, as pleasurable as immediate gratification may be, is so inferior to receiving good things in their own good time.

5. What's the last sweet thing you baked? Did you keep it, take it to a party/event, or give it away?
     I have NEVER baked anything!

6.  This question comes to us courtesy of Jhona who blogs over at The Red House at the End of the Lane. Everyone hop over and say hi to Jhona this week!  Here is her question... "I heard an actor talk about how he makes a conscious choice to talk to people in elevators.  He chooses to connect, make eye contact, and converse. Do you talk to people/strangers when you're in an elevator or any other place where you might have to wait together? Why or why not?"
     Depends on the context and upon how I size up the stranger. I have looked at people with a "threat analysis" view for all of my law enforcement life which is most of my adult life.  If I perceive someone as a threat I probably will not engage them in conversation. However, if no threat is perceived I might make a jocular comment to break the ice and depending on the reaction engage in further conversation.

7. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year? What put you there?
     Yes, absolutely! I think I qualify for both lists. On the nice list because I always hold doors open for people. I anticipate and allow other cars to merge in front of me. I no longer shoot at people who cut me off in traffic. I spoil SWMBO because she so deserves to be spoiled.
     On the naughty list, well let's just say I qualify. The statute of limitations has not yet expired so I can't be more specific.

8. Insert your own random thought here.
     Yesterday we had our granddaughter over for a visit. We seized upon the additional labor pool and began decorating the house for Christmas. It was fun watching the girls, five and three years respectively, going around the house looking for places to put the various Christmas swag that Granny handed them. 
     The girls always make SWMBO, the fur babies and me very tired after they leave. It's not long until the dogs and SWMBO are safely ensconced in the land of Nod.
     Being a grandfather is one of the great joys of my life. Watching SWMBO being a Granny is another. She really is a wonderful Granny. I am a lavishly blessed man! THANK YOU, LORD!


  1. I enjoyed reading all of your answers, especially your random thought :)

  2. I'm looking forward to grandbabies one day! Christmas is sweeter with little ones in the house. Enjoy yours!