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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Everybody knows someone who is, or has been, afflicted with one of the many variations of the insidious disease we call Cancer. No two cancer patients are affected by the disease in exactly the same way. The family members of cancer patients are not affected in exactly the same way. The friends and co-workers of cancer patients are not affected in  exactly the same way.
My wife and I have cancer. I say my wife and I because we are one. The Bible describes married people as having left their respective families and becoming one with each other. My beloved SWMBO and I are blessed to be such a couple. We are one and have been one for over forty years!
SWMBO was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a type of blood cancer, in the Spring of 2012. She has gone through a number of different treatment regimens to bring the disease in check and to keep it in check. There is no cure! Some of these treatment regimens are quite debilitating physically and emotionally. Since being diagnosed we take each day as it day at a time. Some days are goods days. Other days are not so good days.

SWMBO loves to garden. She loves to plant flowers to try to beautify the front of the house. This year we put in a faux patio in the front yard. We set up chairs so we can sit together, drink coffee and watch the world pass by our house. 
    On Saturday we went to K-Mart so SWMBO could buy a couple of wide brim sun hats. Because of some of the medication she is taking, direct sunlight is not good for her.  That is sad because she loves to bask in the sun and feel its warmth.
We also went to Home Depot where SWMBO bought some more tiles for the faux patio, potting soil and several plants for the front yard. 
When we got home, I unloaded the tiles, the potting soil and the plants and placed them in the front yard as she directed. She came outside wearing one of her new hats and carrying her garden tool bag and she began planting the flowers as she envisioned where they would go. I was sitting on the couch inside the house and I could hear her happily talking to her plants. I also heard her talking to the dogs who kept her company. She was having a grand old time.
When you have cancer you have good days and you have not so good days. Saturday was a good day. SWMBO was able to do what she loves to do. I got to listen to SWMBO joyfully doing what she loves to do! Saturday was a good day.

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  1. And this is a good post. It's the little things, isn't it.