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Friday, October 4, 2013


    Have you been listening to the tenor of the commentary coming out of Washington D.C.? The very same people who complain about the lack of civility in the public discourse are using decidedly uncivil language to characterize the motives and positions of republican lawmakers who have a different opinion than theirs.

     According to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, there are "Tea Party Anarchists" who are controlling the republican party and who are preventing moderate and reasonable republicans from voting to end the government shutdown.

     I have a couple of questions for the Senate Majority Leader. First, when did any member of the Tea Party ever advocate the abolition of the United States government, or for that matter any government? An anarchist, by definition, is a person who wants to abolish ALL government.
     The Tea Party, as I understand them, believe that our current government is too big, too invasive in the private lives of citizens and has exceeded their authority under the U.S. Constitution. The Tea Party advocate for the government living within the constraints of the Constitution. The Tea Party advocates for a reduction in the size of government. The Tea Party advocates for a reduction in government spending.

     There are many citizens, democrat, republican and independents alike, who agree with those ideas. Does that make them all "Anarchists?"

     Second, if the Senate Majority Leader wants to end the government slowdown, (It really isn't closed because the "essential" functions of government are still being done.) why doesn't he allow a vote on the appropriation bills that have been duly passed by the House of Representatives and sent to the Senate? He can pass the Continuing Resolution that funds the entire government for six months and then negotiate with the House on funding the American Care Act, AKA, Obamacare, and increasing the nation's debt limit.

     Personally, I say a pox upon both their houses. This country is in dire need of adult leadership. There are serious issues that need to be addressed by serious, mature grown ups.

    The kabuki theater that is Washington D.C. needs to end...NOW! We do not need to agree with each other, but we do need to talk to each other.

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