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Thursday, January 19, 2012


TAX THE RICH: President Obama and members of his party are putting forth the argument that one way to address our nation's mounting debt is to tax "Rich" citizens at a higher rate to make them pay "their fair share." They argue that the "Middle Class" is bearing the burden that rightly belong to the rich. 
     Well here are a couple of facts...(1) Almost half of all americans pay NO INCOME TAXES at all. (2) The so called rich pay the vast majority of tax revenues collected by the federal government every year. (3) At the risk of sounding cliche, the problem is not that the American people are taxed too little, the problem is that THE GOVERNMENT SPENDS TOO MUCH!

PRESIDENTIAL POWER: Every four years you hear presidential candidates tell you that when they become president they will cut trillions from the budget, eliminate cabinet departments, secure the borders and, from the "ad absurdam" realm, will give everyone a free house, free medical care for life and eliminate all hunger from our country. 
     Well here are a few facts...(1) The U.S. Constitution clearly delineates the power of the president. He does not have the power to unilaterally eliminate any government department or agency that has been created by the passage of law. ALL government agencies are created by the passage of law. IT IS THE U.S. CONGRESS, you know...the legislative branch,   that makes all laws and appropriates all funds. The president can do nothing without the Congress. (2) The chances of the Congress eliminating a department that they created to essentially pay off a powerful constituency such as the labor unions, the teachers unions, etc, is about as likely as the Congress voting to eliminate all Congressional pensions until the federal budget is balanced. (3) Anyone who tells you anything different is being disingenuous with you. Further, they are assuming that you are ignorant to the way your government is supposed to work.

NEGATIVE POLITICAL ADS: Is there anyone out there who truly believes any of the political advertising that inundates the airwaves every four years. Every election cycle I hear at least one candidate promise that they will not use negative ads. That same candidate then gets slammed by their opponent(s) with negative ads and when their poll numbers begin to lag, they inevitably respond to negative ads by resorting to using negative ads. 
     The ironic thing about negative advertising is that according to surveys a majority of people don't believe the content of the ads and yet, negative ads seem to work.
     The problem with these ads is that they take a fact that is true but put it in a light that makes the fact seem negative. 
     For example, one political ad from our history alleged that one of the candidates was a practicing homo sapien. That ad was factually true! The candidate was a practicing homo sapien. A homo sapien is a human being!
     Here's another example. A few years ago it was widely believed that our youth minister, who has since moved away, was sleeping with the church secretary. That fact is true. What I'm not telling you, what is the whole truth, is that they were husband and wife. So the fact is true when at the same time the implications and insinuations are not. So it is with political ads. 
SUMMARY: As American citizens we have a responsibility to become informed. We have a responsibility to understand how our government is supposed to work versus how it actually does work. We have a responsibility to understand our economy, our history, our heritage. We have a responsibility to be sufficiently informed/educated so that we are able to discern when any politician, candidate or public servant tries to sell us a bill of goods. An educated and informed citizenry is essential if we are to retain our God given liberty. 


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  1. What is true and what is right are not the same thing anymore. That's too bad. Great Post.