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Wednesday, January 11, 2012


     Every four years the circus that is the NH Primary comes to town. The population of the State of New Hampshire increases substantially, mostly from the influx of news media. Ground zero for the circus is the Radisson Hotel at the Center of New Hampshire on Elm Street in the city of Manchester, NH.
     As you walk around the hotel, there are numerous satellite trucks from the major news organizations such as FOX, ABC, CBS and NBC.
     A drive through the parking garage shows vehicles painted with the logos of other news outlets from the surrounding area. I noted vehicles from Maine, Massachusetts, New York, and Connecticut.
     As you enter the hotel from the parking garage you walk past a gauntlet of newly set up makeshift broadcast studios from the various news organizations. They are all glass enclosed so that as you walk by you can get a wonderful behind the scenes look at how a show is brought to air.
      There is a huge exhibition hall where they normally hold gun shows, pet festivals, and such, that has been taken over by the Associated Press and a small army of press personnel. As an army moves on its stomach, so does the AP. There was a long buffet table where the caterers had a huge selection of various fare.
     Continuing our walk through the hotel you see representatives from the various campaigns working the phones, speaking with various people and going to and fro. It's a virtual beehive of activity. You also see some of the famous news people from the major networks, who most people only get to see on TV, walking through the hotel. Most are very nice and will stop briefly to say hello or pose for a picture. 
     There are a few regional and national radio talk shows that broadcast live from the hotel. You get to sit in the audience and watch the broadcast unfold. Often a candidate or two will stop by the show for a segment or two and afterwards will shake hands and talk with audience members.
    Outside the hotel there are the usual groups protesting one thing or another. The recent "Occupy" movement set up camp across the street in Veterans Park. Others walked around with sandwich boards or makeshift signs calling attention to their particular grievance(s).
     Every four years the circus that is the NH Primary comes to town. I feel privileged to have a front row seat. I am fortunate to be able to get a behind the scenes view of the NH Primary festivities. I am so thankful to live in a country that protects everyone's right to express an opinion no matter how offensive or asinine that opinion may be.
     God bless America! See you in four years! 

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  1. And we had 30 names on the ballad how many states have that many to pick from? The phones are nice and quiet now too!