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Monday, April 18, 2011



       I just celebrated the 57th anniversary of my arrival onto this planet! I was fortunate to receive birthday wishes from across the country from family and friends who for some strange reason still like me. As I sit and contemplate the past 57 years, several things become apparent to me. 
     First and foremost, is that a relationship with the God of the Bible is real and a good thing. I was raised a Roman Catholic, attended parochial school and was even an altar boy for awhile. The faith I had then as a young boy was largely due to my heritage...I believed because my parents believed and they taught me what they were taught was true. I later became agnostic because I began to think for myself and began to question everything in true 1960's rebellious fashion. I came to my current faith by simply reading the Bible for myself and by speaking with knowledgeable men and women. I became convinced that the Bible is in fact what it claims to be, the very words of God. As I continue to explore its pages, the stronger that conviction becomes.
      Another thing that becomes apparent to me is the importance of the people in our lives, our relationships. My life has been so enriched by the people in my life. Anyone who knows me knows that SWMBO is my best friend and the person who most enriches my life. Space does not allow me to share the many ways that she does so!
      Next, are my personal friends. By "friend" I mean those few people who know me, warts and all, with whom I share a strong bond of trust, loyalty, and affection. They're those few people who I go to for counsel, who laugh with me, who cry with me, who have my best interest at heart without any personal agenda.
       I also cherish the Church family. The Church is a group of people who have obeyed the Gospel and who associate together for the purpose of trying to worship God as the Church did when it was founded in the first century. We seek to lovingly share the good news of the Gospel and to bring other people into the family. We seek to do good works for no other reason than because it is good to do them. These good, decent, altruistic people have helped me keep the level of personal cynicism at bay. They have also helped with many other thing too numerous to mention.
       I have also gained a true appreciation to those who were, and are, my teachers. At the time, I wasn't fond of many of their efforts but I have come to appreciate them and what they seek/have sought to teach me.
      There has been a virtual parade of people who have made a significant impact in my life. No one of us is an island unto themselves. Every one of us have people who come into our life and perhaps after a season move on. I am profoundly grateful for the people in my life who have made an impression and have done me the honor of giving of their affection and for their presence.
      I have been lavishly blessed by God and by the people whom He has seen fit to bring into my life. I am most grateful! 
     What do you think?

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  1. I agree that people love you because you are a very lovable person. And yes, God is good! I love you and want to celebrate many more birthdays with you.