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Wednesday, April 6, 2011


     As many of you will recall SWMBO and I experienced a problem with sagging kitchen cabinets. We consulted with friends and professional and finally settled upon dealing with the problem ourselves. I removed the cabinets to determine why they were sagging.
Mid-Destruction...I mean demolition!
...It turns out that the top of the cabinets got wet due to a roof-ice-dam-caused leak problem two years ago and the tops of the cabinets being particle board they essentially disintegrated.           
     As long as the cabinets were down, we, i.e.SWMBO, considered how to, or even whether we should, replace all or just some of them. We, i.e. SWMBO, decided to replace only some of the cabinets and to leave the ceiling over the peninsula blank.   
     So, SWMBO and I went shopping for replacement cabinets. YOWCH! We had no idea how expensive cabinets are! We're talking sticker shock expensive. I was thinking on the order of $600.00 give or take. When the estimates came in at triple that.....YOWCH! So we looked around the store and happened upon some stock cabinets that we felt we could 
configure to do what we needed the cabinets to do. This decision, however, has consequences...(1) What do we do with the space over the peninsula? (2) How difficult would it be to install some kind of lighting over the peninsula? (3) Could we find other fixtures to match the new peninsula lighting? (4) Maybe hang different style cabinets? (5) "YTBDI" Yet to Be Determined Idea!
     So if it's lighting, which it is as of this writing and subject to change without notice, I have to install a junction box, a new dimmer switch, run new wiring from the newly installed soffit junction box over the peninsula to a nearby wall socket or light switch, either by the sink window or the doorway. Then there's replacing the drywall, re-plastering to close up the soffit and re-painting. Then there's installing the new cabinets. 
     If I had any idea what I was doing I would have it done already. If I had to earn my food doing remodeling or construction, I'd starve to death. So progress is slow. I'd prefer to do it right and not burn down the house in the process. SWMBO is picky and demanding in that way!
     I'll keep you all posted! What are you up to these days?

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  1. I hear she wants the lights to turn on when she pushed the button and not the house to go BOOM! What an odd woman you have. Don't forget you'll need an "UNDER CONSTRUCTION" sign because your house is getting teens this weekend! Oh MY!