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Friday, January 21, 2011


     The reason why I started this blog was to use this forum to comment on the three main areas of my life, Spiritual, Personal and Work. To date I have not written anything on the work aspect of my life. I have had difficulty selecting material that was relevant and that at the same time did not violate any confidences or disclose information that is not for public consumption due to department policy, privacy considerations and/or provisions of current law.
     In my experience when you ask people what they think about police officers you generally get one of two responses: (1) They are well thought of and respected, or (2) They are despised and believed to be corrupt and evil. People either love them or hate them. There is no middle ground.
     Regardless of the character, or lack thereof, of any police officer, I strongly believe that they deserve your respect. I believe this for one simple reason. When a call comes in, police respond...period! They don't evaluate whether they like the person they are being dispatched to help before responding. Police don't pick and chose which jobs they will respond to, responding to some or not responding to others. Police officers will risk their lives one day making an arrest, then will risk their lives protecting that same person who they arrested from harm on another day.
     Police officers are in a no-win position. They are damned if they do and they are damned if they don't. Police officers are by no means perfect. They are human and do make their fair share of mistakes and they often pay a dearer price for them. They are often called upon to take very unpopular action which if they had a choice, they would not chose to do. To the person who needs help, police officers are heroes. Conversely, to the lawbreaker, police officers are corrupt, narrow minded doughnut vultures. Again, there is no middle ground.
     Admittedly I do have a bias in favor of police officers. That doesn't change the fact that they deserve our respect. In future blogs I will provide more evidence in support of this proposition. Enjoy your day!

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