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Friday, December 31, 2010


   I broke my beloved SWMBO! We were affectionately doing something we have done since the first day we were married! (Alright you sicko's, call the tow truck to drag your minds out of the gutter.)
   We were hugging each other. SWMBO is much shorter that I am. The top of her head comes to just under my chin. So, when we hug I have to crouch down a little. On this occasion she had her arms around my neck, I crouched down and put my arms around her. Then, I slowly straightened up as I had done countless times before. SWMBO's feet came off the floor and dangled about three inches off the ground as usual. She says that this gently stretches her back and really feels good. Then all of a sudden...POP! SWMBO yelled out and doubled over in pain grabbing her left side.
   According to competent medical authority SWMBO's rib cracked and separated slightly from her sternum. OUCH! It will take a long time to heal because of the nature and location of the injury.
   I feel really bad! I feel like I drowned a little fuzzy kitty! I know it wasn't anyone's fault and I know SWMBO knows it wasn't anybody's fault. I still feel awful!
    Anyone who knows me knows how much I love SWMBO! Anyone who knows us knows how devoted we are to each other! I am a gentle, non-violent person but I am capable of dispensing extreme violence under certain circumstances. Anyone hurting or threatening to hurt my beloved SWMBO would evoke such an outburst. I would defend her to the death...without hesitation. I would take a bullet for her! I would dive onto a live hand grenade to protect her. So now I have to go and kick my own butt! Fate is so cruel!
     It is impossible for two people who love each other to not hurt each other! SWMBO and I have been together for over 38 years. She is the love of my life! She is my sunshine! She is my Christmas Spirit! She is what civilizes me! However, we have hurt each other, sometimes very deeply, over the years. Yet, we apologize as needed...we forgive and we move on!
     How is this possible! How can one forgive so completely and move on? The answer lies in the example that God provides. He demonstrates such a forgiving love. It is written that God places our sins away from us as far as the east is from the west. He places them into the vast ocean of His forgetfulness and remembers them NO MORE!
    I broke my beloved SWMBO but she forgives great is that?
    Is there someone who needs your forgiveness? I urge you to forgive them...and then move on!

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  1. My Darling,
    I love you more today than yesterday but not as much as I will love you tomorrow. You are my rock and so much more. I will mend just fine. Please stop beating yourself up over this.