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Thursday, September 29, 2011


Kitchen cabinets pre-demolition
     You may recall that several months ago I demolished our kitchen to address a problem of sagging cabinets.  The reason why they were sagging is that the top of a couple of the cabinets got wet and disintegrated.
Mid Demolition

Post Demolition
     The demolition went fairly easy and was uneventful. Instead of re-hanging the cabinets though, SWMBO and I decided to go another way. We decided to leave the peninsula open and install some cabinets on the counter, against the wall by the sink. 
     You may recall my earlier Blog post where I described "playing light fixture musical chairs." The kitchen fixture was moved to the dining room. The dining room fixture was moved to the peninsula. A new ceiling fan/light fixture was installed in the kitchen. The most difficult task with moving the lights was placing three light switches where there were formerly, two.
     One of the most difficult things about the peninsula remodel of the project was installing the drywall over the peninsula, plastering and re-painting.
Drywall work in progress.
     The finished product came out better than I imagined. I constructed an Appliance Garage to be installed under one of the cabinets. SWMBO has a toaster and an electric water heater/pot that she uses to heat up water for tea.
Finished Product! The appliance garage is behind the red curtain
 underneath the cabinet to the right, near the sink.
     SWMBO is happy with the finished product! She is responsible for the final aesthetic enhancements. She did a nice job! We make a great team! It took a long while, but is done! Enjoy your day everyone!


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  1. And you did a really great job too. I'm very happy. Thank you love.