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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


"Most people are not truly appreciated until after they're dead. Osama Bin Laden you're now dead, and we all appreciate it!"
      Unless you have been living inside a remote cave like a stoic hermit, you now know that Osama Bin Laden has met his maker and the U.S. Military graciously arranged the meeting. Members of the elite SEAL Team Six raided a compound inside Pakistan and terminated  the elusive terrorist leader with extreme prejudice. 
     These Covert Ops Operators are the elite of the elite! They volunteer for active duty military service. Next, they volunteer for SEAL Training which requires that they survive and pass months of the most rigorous training regimen in the world. Then, after several years in the Special Operations Community, if they have earned the respect of SEAL Team Six, they are asked to "try out" for the most elite of the SEAL Teams. Many do not make it. These guys are the epitome of professional Special Operations operators. I thank God that there are such men as Navy SEALS and that they are on our side!
     May God continue to watch over and protect our military servicemen and women.
       "Success has many fathers...Failure is an orphan!"
     President Obama has my heartfelt congratulations and gratitude for giving the order that sent the SEAL Team into Pakistan last weekend. Military operations are complex, multi-facited endeavors. Most operational plans survive until first contact with the enemy. After that, operators must adapt, overcome and persevere to complete their assigned mission. This mission was well planned. The SEAL Team was well prepared. The mission was executed almost flawlessly. 
      I commend the President for having the courage to give the order to proceed with the mission, knowing all the inherent risks, militarily and politically. Well done, Mr. President.
    "There is nothing terrible in life for the man who realizes that there is nothing terrible in death." - Epicurus

      The Christian has nothing to fear from death.  For the Christian, death is merely a graduation to glory, as it were. The Bible tells us that the sufferings experienced during our time on earth pales to insignificance compared to what awaits us after death.
     We live in difficult times! Finances are threatened and diminishing! Crime and terrorism are increasing! Natural disasters are increasing in frequency and severity! Oh, woe is us!
     Relax people and take a breath! God is still in control. For the Christian, no matter what happens on this earth, we win! I can't tell you how many times God says "Fear Not!" I know it is several times. He must really mean what He says! 
     So if you are not a Christian, become one so that you too can have the assurance of better things to the Apostle Paul you can say "Grave, where is your victory, Death, where is your sting?"


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  1. Love the first quote! I'm proud to be an American and love that no American lives were lost in the taking of UBL.