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Wednesday, July 11, 2018


    Good morning, everyone! Welcome back Joyce and the Wednesday Hodgepodge. Our beloved Nation is a precocious 242 years old. That is fairly young as the age of nations go.  A belated Happy Birthday America!
    I hope that you all are enjoying your Summer. I hope that you had a pleasant Fourth of July Holiday. My beloved SWMBO and I had a lovely time. We spent part of the day with friends and shared some traditional foods. We capped the day with our usual mid-week Devotional and Bible Study.
    Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Hodgepodge.

1. What's something in your house you'd like to get rid of but can't?
    What a great question! We have a couple of broken recliner chairs, a riding lawn mower with a blown engine, and a wood stove that we don't/can't use anymore. Those are three things that I would like to get rid of but cannot seem to for one reason or another.

2. When is the last time you experienced a sense of nostalgia? Elaborate.
    Recently, I took SWMBO on a trip down memory lane. I spoke about my childhood, some of the people who I grew up with, some of the activities that we engaged in, etc. I must say that I had a pretty decent childhood.

3. You're only allowed three apps on your smart phone or tablet...which three do you keep?
    I think that I would keep a Bible app, Mail and YouTube. If you ask me tomorrow it is possible I would keep different apps.

4. July 11th is National Blueberry Muffin Day. Who knew? Do you like blueberry muffins? If you were going to have a muffin would blueberry be your choice? What's the last thing you baked?
    Yes, I do like Blueberry muffins. Blueberry bushes are practically everywhere in New Hampshire and Maine. How can you not like Blueberries?

5. What's the biggest way you've changed since you were a child? In what way are you still the same?
    How have I changed since childhood? Well, I am now 6' 3" tall and weigh over 250 pounds. I now have a full beard and I now need reading glasses. Also, I am keenly aware of the existence of God in my life and the attendant responsibilities of having that knowledge. Last, but by no means least, I am happily married to the greatest woman on the planet...but you knew that!
    How am I the same? I am endearingly impish and a faithful Red Sox fan.

6. Insert your own random thought here.
     I have a couple of random thoughts this morning. First, kudos to the Thai government and their Navy Seals for the rescue of the boys soccer team from the cave. All eleven boys and their coach were safely extracted from the cave after two weeks of being trapped and all are in good condition considering their ordeal. Thank you God for your grace and for the safe return of the team and their rescuers.

    Second, the left side of the aisle in this country have lost their collective minds. They have been protesting President Trump's nominee to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court, which is to say that they were protesting.....NOBODY, that is, until last night when President Trump announced that he was nominating Judge Brett Kavanaugh of the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals.  
     The left has recycled the same old diatribes that they have been using against every Republican court nominee since the Reagan Administration, namely, that the nominee will curtail abortion rights, LGBT Rights, access to Medical Care rights, and every other perceived rights, whether they actually exist or not. So far none of the aforementioned curtailments have occurred. One can plausibly conclude that the left is consistently wrong and/or hysterical! Therefore, let the Kabuki Theater, that Supreme Court confirmations have become, begin! 


  1. I love your impish ways, you make me laugh! I love laughing with you.

  2. LOL you got that right: the Left are losing their minds!! I love how they think ONE judge will take away any rights for women. Are they kidding? Government doesn't even work like that! I really think they just like to bask in their oblivious outrage.

  3. PREACH!! Love your random thoughts. I think you echo the sentiments of many!!!

  4. People here in north idaho plants blueberries, around here people pick huckleberries.
    Coffee is on

  5. I so agree with everything you wrote in your random!! Joyce gave us another fun Hodgepodge today!! I enjoyed reading your responses!

  6. What made me laugh was that they were protesting the Nominee before they even knew who it was! LOL

  7. When I thought about apps on my phone I went with ones that I felt would help me when I'm out of the house. I love blueberries. I liked your random. I'm very tired of that other side of the isle.

  8. I ate my fair share of blueberries on our travels up the NE coast on two different occasions. Lobster rolls too : ) Can't have too many lobster rolls! My future son-in-law has been staying with us for a few days so I'm keeping up with your Sox!